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Tens of millions of red roses will change easily tomorrow because the accent of flowers (“floriography”) has bent that those say, “I adulation you” bigger than annihilation abroad this ancillary of chocolate.


1 | red flowers from bulbs

Men, in particular, accept been giving red roses to their sweeties aback King Charles II of Sweden started the attitude in the backward 1600s.

Roses are the Valentine’s Day anniversary because of their affiliation to the Greek goddess Aphrodite (a.k.a. Venus, the Roman goddess of adulation and beauty). As Greek belief has it, rose bushes already grew from the arena through Aphrodite’s tears and the claret of her lover, Adonis.

Most cut roses appear to us these canicule from Colombia.

That they’re usually red relates to some allegedly built-in base of beastly brains.

A 2010 abstraction appear by seven advisers in the Journal of Experimental Psychology claims that an amative allure for red is not aloof an American-guy affair but a absolute adventure beyond abounding cultures and in women as able-bodied as men.

In seven experiments, the advisers begin that women in assorted cultures were added admiring to pictures of men apparent with red backgrounds and to men cutting red clothing.

That jived with a 2008 University of Rochester abstraction that begin men were added admiring aback the aforementioned woman was cutting a red blouse vs. a dejected one and to pictures of women affected in red compared to added colors.

Both studies cited beforehand analysis assuming that added primates are admiring to red in the adverse , including how macho baboons and chimpanzees booty agenda aback the females bloody as they’re advancing ovulation time.

Red-attraction habits additionally accept been apparent in crustaceans, fish, and birds… so we’re not alone.

Beyond our congenital leanings, red happens to be a ablaze blush that blush experts say draws absorption and is “emotionally intense.” It’s why you see it area marketers appetite us to apprehension and buy article and not, say, in dental offices, area adequate pastels are the rule.

So if red is such a amorous and agitative color, why highlight it aloof at Valentine’s Day?

Lots of red roses accord months’ account of blush in our own home gardens, additional affluence of red-blooming anniversary and abiding flowers assignment able-bodied in our altitude to accord a ceaseless red fix from aboriginal bounce into fall.

Some of the best reds account trying:

‘Mr. Lincoln,’ left, and Ramblin’ Red are two of the best red roses for garden use.

Best red garden roses

‘Mr. Lincoln’ is the archetypal red amalgam tea rose with its dark-red flowers, candied fragrance, and analytic acceptable ache resistance. ‘Olympiad’ is addition allegiant red amalgam tea, and ‘Deep Secret’ has some of the centermost red blooms.

‘Darcey Bussell’ is a admired David Austin red English rose with big ambrosial flowers and acceptable disease-resistance, and ‘Canyon Road’ is a bunched red floribunda type.

‘Altissimo,’ Dublin Bay and Ramblin’ Red are three of the best red climbers.

All anniversary best in abounding sun.

‘Home Run,’ left, and True Blossom True Passion are low-care, disease-resistant red roses.

Best red low-care roses

Knock Out and Double Knock Out are top-selling shrub-rose performers but achromatize to the blush ancillary of red, if you’re OK with that.

Home Run and Kolorscape Kardinal are truer-red brier types that abound in the three- to four-foot range.

True Blossom True Passion is one of the healthiest, heavy, brightest bloomers in a new chic of “hybrid tea shrub” roses, although the flowers are a bit orangish red.

Red Drift is an accomplished red-blooming “groundcover rose,” growing beneath than two anxiety tall. (Sun to ablaze shade.)

Red tulips are a additional accepted Valentine’s flower, and they additionally abound able-bodied in our alfresco area (deer and aerial attacks notwithstanding).


These fall-planted, winter-hardy bulbs ability not be abiding and are deer and bunny favorites, but if you’re accommodating to ball afresh and tolerate/tackle beastly damage, tulips action one of the season’s aboriginal garden reds.

They’re additionally awash as a cut-flower advantage for Valentine’s Day.

‘Red Emperor’ is one of the earliest, shortest, and abiding reds.

‘Bastogne’ and ‘Rodeo Drive’ are acceptable red returners (Triumph types) that blossom in April, and ‘Red Impression’ and ‘Apeldoorn’ are classic, 20- to 24-inch-tall, April-into-May red bloomers. (Full sun.)

Azaleas, left, and rhododendrons action early-season red blooms in a adumbral foundation shrub.

Annual - Amaryllis - Flower Bulbs - Garden Plants ..

Annual – Amaryllis – Flower Bulbs – Garden Plants .. | red flowers from bulbs

Azaleas and rhododendrons

These are two of our best accepted adumbration shrubs, additionally blooming in the April-to-May time frame. Accord azaleas and rhododendrons loose, able-bodied drained, compost-enriched soil, accumulate them clammy in drought, and amount on applique bugs advancing your azaleas.

‘Hershey’s Ablaze Red,’ ‘Girard’s Scarlet,’ and ‘Hino Crimson’ are three of the best red-blooming azaleas that are readily available.

‘Nova Zembla’ and ‘Vulcan’s Flame’ are two of the best, best available, red-blooming rhododendrons. (Morning sun and afternoon adumbration is ideal.)

Peonies appear in several bright-red varieties for May color.


This old-fashioned, bristling abiding has several red-flowered types that attending a bit like ancient rose blooms. They anniversary mainly in May. (Sun or allotment shade.)

Look for varieties such as ‘Armani,’ ‘Scarlet Heaven,’ ‘Simply Red,’ ‘Red Magic,’ ‘Scarlet O’Hara,’ ‘Paul M. Wild,’ the dark-red ‘Karl Rosenfield,’ and the archetypal ‘Red Charm’ that won a 1956 Gold Medal from the American Peony Society.

Poppies don’t blossom for long, but aback they do, they’re ablaze and cheery.

Oriental poppies

Poppies don’t blossom for long, but for the few weeks in May aback they’re in abounding bloom, the blush is impressive. (Sun or ablaze shade.)

‘King Kong,’ ‘Heartbeat,’ and ‘Brilliant’ are three red types you’ll run into.

Red geraniums are an ancient red anniversary anniversary that affection some new high-performing varieties.


Lots of anniversary flowers will accord you red ceaseless all summer afterwards you ball them about Mother’s Day.

Geraniums are one of the best familiar, both in the arena and in pots. (Sun or ablaze shade.)

Four of the best these canicule are Calliope ‘Dark Red,’ Caliente ‘Deep Red,’ Pinto Premium Deep Red, and Timeless ‘Fire.’

This is petunia Easy Wave Red Velour growing in a pot.


These are some of the heaviest-blooming summer annuals that accept appear a continued way from Grandma’s so-so petunias.

They’re appropriately abounding in the ground, in pots, and in blind baskets, abnormally some of the newest red bloomers, such as Supertunia Black Cherry, Easy Wave Red Velour, and Surfinia Trailing Red. (Sun or allotment shade.)

Superbells Cardinal Star is a new red and gold adaptation of calibrachoa.


These petunia look-alikes appear in a array of ablaze colors and are best developed in blind baskets. (Sun or allotment shade.)

Check out Superbells Pomegranate Punch, Superbells Cardinal Star (a red and gold blend) Lia ‘Dark Red,’ and the new petunia/calibrachoa cantankerous (“petchoa”), SuperCal Royal Red.

Profusion Red is a compact, disease-resistant array of zinnia.


If you gave up on zinnias because they flopped and died adolescent from arenaceous mildew, booty a new attending at several ancestry curve that are both bunched and mildew-resistant.

Red-bloomers of this affectionate accommodate Zahara Cherry, ‘Profusion Fire,’ ‘Profusion Red,’ Holi ‘Scarlet,’ and the new-for-2020 Zesty Scarlet. (Full sun.)

These dark-red celosia attending acceptable in this summer bed commutual with an accessory banana.


Another sun-loving summer anniversary is this ambassador of cocked plumes. Red is one of its two capital colors (the added actuality gold).

Amazon.com : Canna Tropicanna Black (2 Bulbs) Dark Maroon ..

Amazon.com : Canna Tropicanna Black (2 Bulbs) Dark Maroon .. | red flowers from bulbs

Good red celosias accommodate Kelos ‘Fire Red,’ ‘Fresh Attending Red,’ ‘New Look,’ and the added “brain-like” blooms of ‘Red Flame.’

Dragon Wing begonias are some of the biggest, best, high-performing red begonias.


These are some of the easiest summer annuals to abound and are shade-tolerant, too.

Big ones – such as Dragon Wing, BIG ‘Red Bronze Leaf,’ and I’Conia Portofino ‘Hot Coral’ – are actual chichi reds in the arena or pots, while bunched wax begonias, such as ‘Senator Scarlet’ and ‘Doublet Red,’ are acceptable aggregate in beds. (Sun or shade.)

These red Beacon Red mildew-resistant impatiens growing in Penn State’s 2019 balloon gardens.


Our admired adumbration anniversary is aback from a seven-year bender with a baleful featherlike bane ache in the anatomy of two new disease-resistant series, Imara XDR and Beacon. Both accept red versions.

Or go with the red versions of the amalgam Bounce or SunPatiens alternation or try one of the abounding red New Guinea impatiens (naturally aggressive to featherlike mildew). (Morning sun and afternoon adumbration is ideal.)

‘Big Red Judy,’ left, and Capital Street ‘Beale Street,’ right, are two of the abounding chichi red-leafed coleus varieties.


Most of the new coleus varieties are big-leafed, bullet-proof, and able to do able-bodied in abounding sun to mostly shade.

It’s adamantine to go too amiss with any blazon you acquisition in a four- or six-inch pot, but some of the best red-leafed varieties are ‘Big Red Judy,’ FlameThrower ‘Salsa Roja,’ ColorBlaze Rediculous, Redhead, and Capital Street ‘Beale Street.’

‘South Pacific Scarlet’ is one of several red cannas.


Cannas are tropical-looking annuals with actual big leaves and lily-like flowers at the top of three- to four-foot-tall stalks. They like abounding sun and will do pots or in ground.

Cannova Bronze Scarlet and Toucan Scarlet are continued bloomers with red flowers and aphotic leaves, Cannova Red Shades and ‘South Pacific Scarlet’ are red-flowered long-bloomers with blooming leaves.

‘Red Sentinel’ is a red-flowering anatomy of astilbe.


Getting aback to perennials (flowers that appear aback anniversary year aback deer and wet adobe don’t abort them), astilbes are annoying June/July bloomers that adopt clammy shade.

Some acceptable red ones are ‘Visions in Red,’ ‘Red Sentinel,’ and ‘Fanal.’

Coreopsis ‘Lil’ Bang Red’ is a bunched and red-flowered anatomy of abiding tickseed.


The low-growing, thread-leaf types of this sun-loving built-in (a.k.a. “tickseed”) usually blossom chicken or gold, but a few varieties accept been alleged for their dime-sized red flowers.

Ones account aggravating are ‘Red Satin,’ Li’l Bang Red Elf, Sizzle and Spice ‘Hot Paprika.’

Red is one of the best frequently accessible colors of daylilies.


Lots of these abiding July-blooming perennials blossom in red or red blends, and abounding of them rebloom from backward summer into fall. The capital abeyant check is that deer adulation them. (Sun or allotment shade.)

Good red daylilies accommodate ‘Cherokee Star,’ ‘Chicago Apache,’ and ‘Funny Valentine,’ and the reblooming ‘Pardon Me,’ ‘Ruby Stella,’ and ‘Red Hot Returns.’

‘Gran Paradiso’ is one of the brightest-red versions of lily.

Oriental and Asiatic lilies

These are types of sun-loving, July-blooming bulbs that are winter-hardy and perennial. They accept trumpet-shaped flowers and strappy leaves, but like daylilies, are generally deer candy.

Four on a row, and more - red flowers from bulbs

Four on a row, and more – red flowers from bulbs | red flowers from bulbs

If deer aren’t lurking, try red tiger lilies or the varieties ‘Red Storm,’ ‘Forever Linda,’ ‘Gran Paradiso,’ ‘Cobra,’ or ‘Red Highland.’

Beebalm is a overextension built-in abiding that blooms primarily in red.


Another abiding that peaks in July is this built-in abiding that grows about three anxiety alpine and is a admired of bees and butterflies. It does advance fast, though, so be accessible with the advertise unless you’re giving beebalm affluence of space.

Three of the best disease-resistant reds are ‘Jacob Kline,’ ‘Gardenview Scarlet,’ and ‘Raspberry Wine.’ (Sun or ablaze shade.)

Yes, coneflowers now appear in red. Sombrero ‘Salsa Red’ is one of the best.

Red coneflowers

Another mid-summer built-in abiding is the amethyst coneflower, a adept admired that produces lavender-pink flowers in abounding sun to ablaze shade.

However, breeders accept appear up with hot-colored coneflower hybrids in the aftermost 20 years.

The best red is Sombrero Salsa Red, followed by Kismet ‘Red,’ ‘Double Scoop Cranberry’ (somewhat salmon-pink), Sombrero Baja Burgundy, and ‘Tomato Soup.’

Red hot pokers are, well, red (as able-bodied as orange or gold sometimes). This is ‘Rocket’s Red Glare.’

Red hot pokers

These strappy-leafed perennials (a.k.a. “torch lilies”) aftermath big, bicolor anniversary spikes in July aloft two-foot-tall stalks. They appear in gold and orange blends as able-bodied as red blends such as Pyromania ‘Rocket’s Red Glare,’ ‘Redhot Popsicle,’ and ‘Flamenco.’ (Sun to ablaze shade.)

‘Lucifer’ is a chichi but little acclimated red array of a summer ball alleged crocosmia.


Few gardeners apperceive this afraid look-alike that grows three to four anxiety alpine and blooms from July into August. (Sun or ablaze shade.)

‘Lucifer’ is the best frequently accessible array that blooms with flame-red flowers.

This is Cherry Brandy, a red-blooming blazon of winter-hardy hibiscus.

Hardy hibiscus

If you like big and bold, this July/August sun abiding grows like a four-foot tropical-looking backcountry and produces huge trumpet-shaped flowers that can access a bottom across. (Full sun.)

‘Midnight Marvel’ is a decidedly chichi array that has red flowers and aphotic leaves, while Summerific ‘Cranberry Crush,’ ‘Vintage Wine,’ and ‘Cherry Brandy’ are ablaze red bloomers with blooming leaves.

‘Akita’ is one of several red-blooming varieties of dahlia.


As summer apprehension down, dahlias aftermath their big, creamy flowers on alpine stems – in assorted shades of red as able-bodied as abounding added colors.

The tubers accept to be aerial anniversary fall, overwintered inside, and replanted anniversary bounce aback they’re not winter-hardy in axial Pennsylvania. (Full sun.)

Some of the best reds accommodate ‘Akita,’ ‘Arabian Night,’ ‘American Beauty,’ ‘Bodacious,’ ‘Spartacus,’ ‘Boom Boom Red,’ ‘Gallery Singer,’ and ‘Nick Sr.’

You’ll accept lots of choices of red mums to abutting the season. This is Igloo Firedance.


Finish the year in the red with the iconic abatement perennial, the garden mum. These mounded sun-lovers appear in a array of anniversary shapes and colors, blooming primarily from September through October.

Red options accommodate ‘Firedance Igloo,’ ‘Betty Lou,’ ‘Majesty Red,’ ‘Eternal Red,’ ‘Avalon Red,’ ‘Red Ryder,’ ‘Radiant Red,’ ‘Bonnie Red,’ and ‘Cynthia Scarlet.’

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