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When he larboard the Philadelphia Daily Account to try Hollywood on for admeasurement in 1986, John Schulian (b. 1945) affected he was accomplished with sportswriting. But sportswriting had a funny way of cheating aback into his activity alike aback he was churning out scripts for such memorable TV alternation as L.A. Law, Miami Vice, and Wiseguy. He wrote consistently for GQ and Sports Illustrated, aloof as he had aback he came to bulge as a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily Account in the 1970s. In 1993, afore he addled gold as one of the creators of Xena: Warrior Princess, SI asked if he was absorbed in profiling Chuck Bednarik, the NFL’s aftermost full-time two-way amateur and a attribute of the affable brand that endured the Depression and Apple War II. Schulian didn’t accept to be asked twice. But his activity didn’t argue Bednarik that a bald biographer could acquisition his way to his subject’s home in those pre-GPS days. Bigger they should accommodated at a ample arcade centermost and advance from there. The aboriginal actuality Schulian saw aback he pulled into the parking lot was a chief aborigine with a face like a clenched anchor cutting a Philadelphia Eagles jersey and continuing in advanced of a white van, accoutrements the admeasurement of Smithfield hams bankrupt aloft his chest. Bednarik, of course. And he angry out to be a writer’s dream: a man afterwards an absolute thought.

He went bottomward hard, larboard in a abundance by a crackback block as naked as it was vicious. Pro football was like that in 1960, a assemblage action in accept pads, its abandon bare of the high-tech appearance it has today. The crackback was legal, and all the Philadelphia Eagles could do about it that Sunday in Cleveland was backpack a linebacker alleged Bob Pellegrini off on his shield.

Buck Shaw, a admirer drillmaster in this ruffian’s pastime, watched for as continued as he could, afresh he started analytic the Eagle amusement for addition to bandy into the breach. His aboriginal best was already banged up, and afterwards that the accepted 38-man NFL agenda acquainted as bound as a hangman’s noose. Looking back, you apprehend that Shaw had abandoned one best all along.

“Chuck,” he said, “get in there.”

And Charles Philip Bednarik, who already had a full-time job as Philadelphia’s abhorrent centermost and a part-time job affairs accurate afterwards practice, headed assimilate the acreage afterwards a word. Aloof the way his ancestor had marched off to the open-hearth furnaces at Bethlehem Animate on so abounding brutal mornings. Aloof the way Bednarik himself had climbed abaft the apparatus gun in a B-24 for 30 missions as a jailbait angry in Apple War II. It was a ancestors tradition: Assignment called, you answered.

Chuck Bednarik was 35 years old, still arty at 6’3″ and 235 pounds, but additionally the ancestor of one babe too abounding to be what he absolutely had in apperception — retired. Jackie’s bearing the antecedent February gave him bristles children, all girls, and added bills than he anticipation he could handle afterwards football. So actuality he was in his 12th NFL season, cogent himself he was demography it accessible on his age-old legs by arena centermost afterwards all those years as an All-Pro linebacker. The abandoned time he advised to move aback to aegis was in practice, aback he capital to assignment up a little added sweat.

And now, bristles amateur into the season, this: Jim Brown over there in the Cleveland huddle, cat-and-mouse to bruise some beginning meat, and Bednarik aggravating to analyze the arresting analogue the Eagles had installed in the two years aback he was their boilerplate linebacker. Chuck Weber had his old job now, and Bednarik begin himself allurement what the larboard alfresco linebacker was declared to do on casual plays. “Take the additional man out of the backfield,” Weber said. That was as adorned as it would get. Aggregate abroad would be about putting the copse to Jim Brown.

Bednarik nodded and angry to face a afterlife that went far aloft emergency assignment at linebacker. He was demography his aboriginal footfall adjoin a abode in NFL history as the affectionate of amateur they don’t accomplish anymore.

The kids alpha at about 7 a.m. and don’t stop until fatigue block them a Mickey afterwards dark. For 20 months it has been this way, three grandchildren roaring about like gnats with turbochargers, and Bednarik activity every one of his years. And antisocial the feeling. And absolution the kids apperceive about it.

Get to be 68 and you deserve to about-face the aggregate on your activity as low as you appetite it. That’s what Bednarik thinks, not afterwards justification. But activity has been alike added arbitrary to the kids than it has been to him. The babe is eight, the boys are six and five, and they alive with Bednarik and his wife in Coopersburg, Pa., because of a alliance gone bad. The kids’ mother, Donna, is there too, aggravating to put her activity aback together, astern every time her father’s acrimony erupts. “I can’t admonition it,” Bednarik says plaintively. “It’s the way I am.”

The account agency annihilation to the kids anxiously eyeing this big man with the bedfast adenoids and the angled fingers and the achromatic tattoos on his appropriate arm. He is one added catechism in a apple that acutely exists to abjure them answers. Abandoned with the access of time will they apprehend they were yelled at by Accurate Charlie, the toughest Philadelphia Eagle there anytime was.

But for the moment, football makes no added faculty to the kids than does annihilation abroad about their grandfather. “I’m not one of the aftermost 60-minute players,” they apprehend him say. “I am the last.” Afresh he barks at them to stop authoritative so abundant babble and to apple-pie up the blend they fabricated in the ancestors room, area trophies, photographs and bold assurance anatomy a circuitous of the best canicule of his life. The kids bolt out of sight, years from affectionate the acceptation of what Bednarik is saying.

He absolutely was the aftermost of a breed. For 58 1⁄2 account in the NFL’s 1960 championship game, he captivated his arena in the boilerplate of Philly’s Franklin Field, a force of attributes angled to adjourn the ablution of the Green Bay Packers’ dynasty. “I didn’t run bottomward on kickoffs, that’s all,” Bednarik says. The blow of that chill December 26, on both breach and defense, he played with the affection that crested aback he wrestled Packers fullback Jim Taylor to the arena one aftermost time and captivated him there until the final gun alternate the Eagles’ 17–13 victory.

Philadelphia hasn’t disqualified pro football aback then, and pro football hasn’t produced a amateur with the aggregate of talent, ache and befalling to alike what Bednarik did. It is a far altered bold now, of course, its complexities appearing to access exponentially every year, but the athletes arena it are so abundant bigger and faster than Bednarik and his aeon that absolutely addition with the adeptness to go both means charge abide amid them. It is aloof as accessible to brainstorm Walter Payton accepting confused from active aback to safety, or Lawrence Taylor affective from linebacker to bound end. But that day is continued past, for the NFL of the ’90s is a cairn to specialization.

There are active backs who block but don’t run, others who run but abandoned from central the five-yard band and still others who abide for no added acumen than to bolt passes. Some linebackers can’t comedy the run, and some can’t comedy the pass, and there are monsters on the arresting band who dream of decapitating quarterbacks but resemble the Maiden Surprised aback they appear face affectation to face affectation with a affairs guard.

“No way in hell any of them can go both ways,” Bednarik insists. “They don’t appetite to. They’re abashed they’ll get hurt. And the money’s too big, that’s addition thing. They’d aloof say, ‘Forget it, I’m already authoritative enough.'”

The affect is what you ability apprehend from addition who active with the Eagles for $10,000 aback he larboard the University of Pennsylvania for the 1949 division and who was affairs bottomward abandoned 17 admirable aback he fabricated abiding they were champions 11 years later. Seventeen grand, and Reggie White fled Philadelphia for Green Bay over the winter for what, $4 actor a year? “If he gets that much,” Bednarik says, “I should be in the aforementioned class.” But at atomic White has already accepted that some day he will be demography his abode alongside Accurate Charlie in the Hall of Fame. At atomic he isn’t a runny-nosed quarterback like Drew Bledsoe, signing a abiding accord for $14.5 actor afore he has anytime taken a breeze for the New England Patriots. “When I apprehend about that,” Bednarik says, “I capital to regurgitate.”

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He nurtures the acerbity he is abiding every brilliant of his era shares, agriculture it with the dollar abstracts he sees in the sports pages every day, conference it with the anamnesis that his fattest arrangement with the Eagles paid him $25,000, in 1962, his adieu season.

“People beam aback they apprehend what I made,” he says. “I acquaint them, ‘Hey, don’t beam at me. I could do aggregate but eat a football.'” Alike aback he was in his 50s, brought aback by afresh drillmaster Dick Vermeil to appearance the disturbing Eagles what a best looked like, Bednarik was article to behold. He absolved into training camp, angled over the aboriginal brawl he saw and whistled a bang aback through his legs to a punter bare to such account from the team’s continued snappers. “And you apperceive the amazing thing?” Vermeil says. “Chuck didn’t look.”

He was built-in for the game, a concrete behemothic amid his generation’s linebackers, and so able that he occasionally got the alarm to punt and bang off. “This guy was a football athlete,” says Nick Skorich, an Eagle abettor and arch drillmaster for six years. “He was a actual able acquaintance at centermost and quick as a cat off the ball.” He had to be, because anniversary in, anniversary out he was abashing with Sam Huff or Joe Schmidt, Bill George or Les Richter, the best boilerplate linebackers of the day. Bednarik added than captivated his own adjoin them, or so we are told, which is the botheration with anticipation the achievement of any center. Who the hell knows what’s accident in that accumulation of humanity?

It is altered with linebackers. Linebackers are out there in the accessible for all to see, and that was area Bednarik was consistently at his best. He could ambush a canyon with a distinct meat angle and accouterment with the barbarous ability of a sniper. “Dick Butkus was the one who manhandled people,” says Tom Brookshier, the babbling aloft Eagle cornerback. “Chuck aloof airtight them bottomward like rag dolls.”

It was a appearance that larboard Frank Gifford for dead, and New York seething, in 1960, and it fabricated bodies everywhere balloon that Accurate Charlie, for all his adulation of collisions, played the bold in a way that went aloft the absolutely physical. “He was apparently the best accustomed football amateur I’ve anytime seen,” says Maxie Baughan, a amateur linebacker with the Eagles in Bednarik’s whole-schmear season. Bednarik could see a bouncer inching one bottom astern in alertness for a ambit or a bound end ambience up aloof a little further from the accouterment than accustomed for a canyon play. Best important, he could anticipate forth with the best coaches in the business.

And the coaches didn’t accede that, which may explain the abrupt goodbye that the Dallas Cowboys’ Tom Landry approved to accord Bednarik in ’62. Aboriginal the Cowboys ran a trap, affairs a bouncer and active a aback through the hole. “Chuck was continuing appropriate there,” Brookshier says. “Almost asleep the guy.” Abutting the Cowboys ran a ambit abaft that aforementioned affairs guard, abandoned to accept Bednarik bolt the ballcarrier from behind. “Almost beheaded the guy,” Brookshier says. Finally the Cowboys pulled the guard, apish the ambit and threw a awning pass. Bednarik angry it into a two-yard loss. “He had such a faculty for the game,” Brookshier says. “You could do all that alive and put all those men in motion, and Chuck still went appropriate area the brawl was.”

Three decades afterwards Bednarik is in his ancestors allowance watching a band from NFL Films that validates what all the fuss was about. The grandchildren accept been shooed off to addition allotment of the house, and he has begin the aberrant accord that comes from seeing himself adage on the TV screen, “All you can anticipate of is ‘Kill, kill, kill.'” He action about what a ham he was aback then, but the footage that follows his acceptance proves that it was no joke. Bednarik sinks abysmal in his accessible chair. “This movie,” he says, “turns me on alike now.”

Suddenly the spell is burst by a choir of choir and a charge through the kitchen. The grandchildren again, ample out to the backyard. “Hey, how abounding times I accept to acquaint you?” Bednarik shouts. “Close the door!”

The canyon was abaft Gifford. It was a bad commitment beneath the best of circumstances, life-threatening area he was now, bridge over the middle. But Gifford was too abundant the pro not to ability aback and grab the ball. He tucked it beneath his arm and angry aback in the appropriate direction, all in the aforementioned motion — and afresh Bednarik hit him like a lifetime accumulation of bad news.

Thirty-three years afterwards there are still bodies addled from the Tackle, none of them alleged Gifford or Bednarik. In New York somebody consistently seems to be advancing up to old cardinal 16 of the Giants and cogent him they were there the day he got affected in the Polo Grounds (it was Yankee Stadium). Added times theysay that aggregate could accept been abhorred if Charlie Conerly had befuddled the brawl area he was declared to (George Shaw was the accusable Behemothic quarterback).

And afresh there was Howard Cosell, who sat beside Gifford on Monday Night Football for 14 years and seemed to accompany up Bednarik whenever he was ashore for article to say. One anniversary Cosell would allege Bednarik of blindsiding Gifford, the abutting he would accusation Bednarik for animadversion Gifford out of football. Both were archetypal examples of cogent it like it wasn’t.

But it is too astern to disengage any of the above, for the Accouterment has taken on a activity of its own. So Gifford plays forth by cogent what sounds like an counterfeit adventure about one of his aboriginal dates with the woman who would become his third wife. “Kathie Lee,” he told her, “one chat you’re activity to apprehend a lot of about me is Bednarik.” And Kathie Lee allegedly said, “What’s that, a pasta?”

For all the bedlam Gifford does aback he spins that yarn, there was annihilation funny about November 20, 1960, the day Bednarik handed him his lunch. The Eagles, who complemented Accurate Charlie and Hall of Fame quarterback Norm Van Brocklin with a agenda abounding of tough, able John Does, blew into New York absorbed on animadversion the Giants on their media-fed reputation. Philadelphia was arch 17–10 with beneath two account to play, but the Giants kept slashing and pounding, smelling one of those improvement victories that were declared to be the Eagles’ specialty. Afresh Gifford bent that pass. “I ran through him appropriate up here,” Bednarik says, slapping himself on the chest adamantine abundant to breach something. “Right here.” And this time he ancestor the commuter in his van on the chest. “It was like aback you hit a home run; you say, ‘Jeez, I didn’t alike feel it hit the bat.'”

Huff would afterwards alarm it “the greatest accouterment I’ve anytime seen,” but at the time it happened his affect was absolute despair. Gifford fell backward, the brawl flew forward. Aback Weber pounced on it, Bednarik started dancing as if St. Vitus had taken control of him. And as he danced, he yelled at Gifford, “This bold is over!” But Gifford couldn’t apprehend him.

“He didn’t aching me,” Gifford insists. “When he hit me, I landed on my ass and afresh my arch airtight back. That was what put me out — the whiplash, not Bednarik.”

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Whatever the cause, Gifford looked like he was accomplished abutting as he lay there motionless. A black blackout fell over the crowd, and Bednarik animated no more. He has never been accustomed to regret, but in that moment he about afflicted his ways. Maybe he absolutely would accept repented if he had been abutting to the aboriginal Mrs. Gifford afterwards her bedmate had been agitated off on a stretcher. She was continuing alfresco the Giants’ bathrobe allowance aback the aggregation physician ashore his arch out the aperture and said, “I’m abashed he’s dead.” Abandoned afterwards she chock-full wobbling did Mrs. Gifford apprentice that the doctor was talking about a aegis bouncer who had suffered a affection advance during the game. Alike so, Gifford didn’t get off lightly. He had a blow that kept him out for the blow of the division and all of 1961. But in ’62 he alternate as a flanker and played with account for three added seasons. He would additionally accept the acceptable adroitness to allure Bednarik to comedy golf with him, and he would never, anytime beef about the Tackle. “It was altogether legal,” Gifford says. “If I’d had the chance, I would accept done the aforementioned affair to Chuck.”

But all that came later. In the anniversary afterwards the Tackle, with a Giant-Eagle rematch looming, Gifford got aback at Bednarik the abandoned way he could, by abnegation to booty his calls or to accede the flowers and bake-apple he beatific to the hospital. Naturally there was allocution that Gifford’s teammates would try to breach Accurate Charlie into little pieces, abnormally aback Conerly kept calling him a cheap-shot artisan in the papers. But allocution was all it angry out to be. The Eagles, on the added hand, didn’t run their mouths until afterwards they had aerated the Giants a additional time. Bednarik hasn’t chock-full talking aback then.

“This is a accurate story,” he says. “They’re accepting a alms buzz for Gifford in Parsippany, N. J., a brace of years ago, and I’m one of the roasters. I ask the administrator of this abode if he’ll do me a favor. Then, aback it’s my about-face to talk, the lights go bottomward and it’s aphotic for bristles or six seconds. Nobody knows what the hell’s activity on until I acquaint them, ‘Now you apperceive how Frank Gifford acquainted aback I hit him.'”

He grew up poor, and poor boys action the wars for this country. He never anticipation annihilation of it aback then. All he knew was that every added guy from the south ancillary of Bethlehem, Pa., was in a uniform, and he ample he should be in a compatible too. So he enlisted afterwards finishing his chief year at Liberty Aerial School. It was a appropriate affairs they had; your mother best up your authority while you went off to annihilate or be killed. Bednarik didn’t booty annihilation with him but the memories of the abode he alleged Betlam until the accent agents at Penn classed up his pronunciation. Betlam was area his ancestor emigrated from Czechoslovakia and formed all those years in the animate comminute afterwards authoritative foreman because he couldn’t apprehend or address English. It was area his mother gave bearing to him and his three brothers and two sisters, afresh shepherded them through the Depression with potato soup and buzz clothes. It was area he fabricated 90 cents a annular caddying at Saucon Valley Country Club and $2 a day toiling on a acreage at the bottom of South Mountain, and gave every penny to his mother. It was area he fought in the streets and scaled the bank at the old Lehigh University amphitheater to comedy until the guards chased him off. “It was,” he says, “the greatest abode in the apple to be a kid.”

The affliction abode was in the sky over Europe, aloof him and a agglomeration of added kids in an Army Air Corps adviser with the Nazis bottomward beneath aggravating to bake them. “The antiaircraft blaze would be all about us,” Bednarik says. “It was so blubbery you could airing on it. And you could apprehend it penetrating. Ping! Ping! Ping! Actuality you are, this wild, impaired kid, you didn’t anticipate you were abashed of anything, and now, every time you booty off, you’re assertive this is it, you’re gonna be ashes.”

Thirty times he went through that abaft his .50-caliber apparatus gun.

He still has the pieces of cardboard on which he neatly wrote anniversary target, anniversary date.

It started with Berlin on August 27, 1944, and concluded with Zwiesel on April 20, 1945. He looks at those names now and remembers the abject in England that he flew out of, the wake-ups at four o’clock in the morning, the big breakfasts he ate in case one of them angry out to be his aftermost meal, the rain and fog that fabricated aloof accepting off the arena a ball with death. “We’d accept to blemish missions because our planes kept banging together,” he says. “These guys were animadversion anniversary added off.”

Bednarik about bought it himself aback his plane, bedridden by flak, skidded off the aerodrome on landing and crashed. To escape he kicked out a window and jumped 20 anxiety to the ground. Afresh he did what he did afterwards every mission, acceptable or bad. He lit a cigarette and headed for the conference room, area there was consistently a canteen on the table. “I was 18, 19 years old,” he says, “and I was bubbler that abuse whiskey straight.”

The casual of time does annihilation to admonition him forget, because the war comes aback to him whenever he looks at the boom on his appropriate forearm. It isn’t like the CPB cipher that adorns his appropriate biceps, a gift from a night on some Army town. The boom on his acquaint shows a annual blossom to acknowledge the chat mother. He got it in case his alike was attempt bottomward and his arm was all that remained of him to identify.

There were abandoned two things the Eagles didn’t get from Bednarik in 1960: the blush TV and the $1,000 that had been their ability to him aback he said he was backward at the end of the antecedent season. The Eagles didn’t ask for them back, and Bednarik didn’t action to acknowledgment them. If he anytime acquainted abashed about it, that concluded aback he started activity both ways.

For no amateur could do added for his aggregation than Bednarik did as pro football began evolving into a bold of specialists. He risked old basic that could aloof as calmly accept been out of harm’s way, and alike admitting he never absent a bold that division — and abandoned three in his absolute career — every footfall aching like the dickens.

Bednarik doesn’t allocution about it, which is hasty because, as Dick Vermeil says, “it usually takes about 20 abnormal to acquisition out what’s on Chuck’s mind.” But this is different. This is about the cipher he lived by as a player, one that advised the bald anticipation of calling in ailing as a betrayal of his manhood. “There’s a aberration amid affliction and injury,” Baughan says, “and Chuck showed everybody on our aggregation what it was.”

His adventurous advanced burst in advanced of abandoned one person, the aloft Emma Margetich, who affiliated Bednarik in 1948 and went on to accolade him with bristles daughters. It was Emma who pulled him out of bed aback he couldn’t accomplish it on his own, who alloyed his aching muscles, who captivated his duke until he could achieve into the hot ablution she had fatigued for him.

“Why are you accomplishing this?” she kept asking. “They’re not advantageous you for it.” And every time, his articulation little added than a whisper, he would reply, “Because we accept to win.” Nobody in Philadelphia acquainted that charge added than Bednarik did, maybe because in the added abroad accomplished he had been the town’s bigger winner. It started aback he took his aerial academy coach’s admonition and became the atomic acceptable Ivy Leaguer that Penn has anytime seen, a adamantine case who had every adversary he put a cavity in agreeable for the Quakers to alive up to their appellation and de-emphasize football.

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Next came the 1949 NFL best Eagles, with halfback Steve Van Buren and end Pete Pihos lighting the way with their Hall of Fame greatness, and the amateur Bednarik accessible to go abroad afterwards abating the bank for all of his aboriginal two regular-season games. On the alternation home from a achievement in Detroit, he took a abysmal animation and went to see the arch coach, who banned to fly and had one of those names you don’t acquisition anymore, Earle (Greasy) Neale. “I told him, ‘Coach Neale, I appetite to be traded, I appetite to go about I can play,’ ” Bednarik says. “And afterwards that I started every anniversary — he had me flip-flopping amid centermost and linebacker — and I never sat bottomward for the abutting 14 years.”

He got a tie brooch and a $1,100 winner’s allotment for actuality allotment of that championship season, and afresh it seemed that he would never be advised so royally again. Some years afore their acknowledgment to glory, the Eagles were plug-ugly, others they managed to advance their dignity, but the team’s best consistently fell abbreviate of Bednarik’s. From 1950 to ’56 and in ’60 he was an All-Pro linebacker.

In the ’54 Pro Bowl he punted in abode of the afflicted Charley Trippi and spent the blow of the bold acceptable the MVP accolade by convalescent three fumbles and active an interception aback for a touchdown. But Bednarik did not acknowledgment to the winner’s amphitheater until Van Brocklin hit town.

As far as everybody abroad in the alliance was concerned, aback the Los Angeles Rams traded the Dutchman to Philadelphia months afore the aperture of the ’58 season, it aloof meant one added Eagle with a attenuated reputation. Tommy McDonald was actuality accused of authoritative up his canyon patterns as he went along, Brookshier was accounted too apathetic to comedy cornerback, and end Pete Retzlaff bore the taint of accepting been cut alert by Detroit. And now they had Van Brocklin, a long-in-the-tooth quarterback with the disposition of an unfed doberman.

In Philly, however, he was able to do what he hadn’t done in L.A. He won.

And acceptable rendered his personality deficiencies secondary. So McDonald had to booty it aback Van Brocklin told him that a afar accept wasn’t acumen abundant to leave a game, and Brookshier, fearing he had been bedridden afterwards authoritative a tackle, had to dust his teeth aback the Dutchman ordered his body abject off the field. “Actually Van Brocklin was a lot like me,” Bednarik says. “We both had that abundant temperament.”

But already you got accomplished Dutch’s mouth, he didn’t counterbalance much. The Eagles knew that Van Brocklin wasn’t one to angle and fight, accepting apparent him hightail it abroad from a postgame beef with Pellegrini in Los Angeles. Accurate Charlie, on the added hand, was as audacious as they came. He decked a assistant who was absurdity about during calisthenics aloof as readily as he approved to bite the face off a Pittsburgh Steeler bouncer alleged Chuck Noll. Somehow, though, Bednarik was alike tougher on himself. In ’61, for example, he tore his appropriate biceps so awfully that it anguish up in a agglomeration by his elbow. “He hardly absent a down,” says Skorich, who had ascended to arch drillmaster by then, “and I apperceive for a actuality he’s never let a doctor blow his arm.” That was the affectionate of man it took to go both means in an era aback the breed was all but extinct.

The San Francisco 49ers were afraid to ask Leo Nomellini to comedy abhorrent tackle, preferring that he cascade all his activity into defense, and the Giants no best let Gifford abrasion himself out at arresting back. In the aboriginal canicule of the American Football Alliance the Kansas Burghal Chiefs had linebacker E. J. Holub double-dipping at centermost until his ravaged knees put him on breach permanently. But none of them anytime agitated the amount that Bednarik did. Aback Buck Shaw kept allurement him to go both ways, there was a championship benumbed on it. “Give it up, old man,” Paul Brown said aback Bednarik got agape out of bound and landed at his anxiety in that championship season. Bednarik responded by calling the ancestor of the Browns a 10-letter obscenity. Damned if he would accord annihilation up.

— Excerpted by permission from Football: Great Autograph About The National Sport. Edited by John Schulian. Copyright (c) 2014 by Literary Classics of the United States, Inc. Published by The Library Of America. All rights reserved. No allotment of this extract may be reproduced or reprinted afterwards permission in autograph from the publisher. Available for acquirement from the publisher, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Can Raiders admirers bolt a break? Their aggregation hasn’t fabricated the playoffs aback 2002. About every home bold in the aftermost three years has been blacked out on bounded TV due to poor bold attendance. And those that do accept to appear the bold pay a league-high $10.75 for a beer.

The 49ers apperceive their admirers accept abysmal pockets. The aggregation aloof confused into adorned new borders in adjacent Santa Clara, and the boilerplate amount of a admission into Levi’s Amphitheater is the accomplished in the league. San Francisco is additionally a abutting additional to adjoining Oakland aback it comes to the amount of a beer, at $10.25 per. But hey, at atomic they’re acceptable games.

Things aren’t so bad for New England fans. The amount of a beer in Gillette Amphitheater is appropriate at the alliance average, but Patriots admirers get 20 ounces for aloof $7.50. Aback priced by ounce, Pats beers are angry for the second-cheapest bold beers in the NFL.

You don’t generally see beer prices go bottomward from division to season, but that’s absolutely what happened in St. Louis this year, bottomward the amount of beer to $4.50. The Rams accept apparent bigger football days, but a bottle of beer is 50 cents cheaper in St. Louis than in any added NFL stadium. That’s article to celebrate.

St. Louis may accept the everyman sticker amount for beer, sure. But if you appetite to get bottomward to assumption tacks, no one sells cheaper drafts than Cincinnati. One beer costs bristles dollars, but admirers get 14 ounces in a bottle instead of 12. That’s aloof abundant of a aberration to advance the alliance in price-per-ounce.

Seattle claims to accept the best football admirers in the world, but that account doesn’t construe into accumulation at the bite line. Beer at Seattle’s CenturyLink Acreage is on the added big-ticket end in the NFL, with a distinct abstract costing $8.

For actuality in a burghal accepted to bandy a acceptable party, beer sales at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome abiding don’t accomplish it accessible to imbibe. A beer at a Saints bold will amount you $9, but admirers abandoned get 16 ounces in their cup. That’s 56 cents per ounce, the third-worst mark in the NFL.

If aggregate is your capital concern, plan a cruise to Pittsburgh. In a burghal accepted for its blue-collar pedigree, admirers are advised with 21-ounce fistfuls of beer, the better accepted beer of any NFL stadium. And at aloof $8 each, Heinz Acreage is angry with New England’s Gillette Acreage for the second-best price-per-ounce.

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It’s not the $7.25 amount tag that will annul admirers at Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s the actuality that beers abandoned appear in 12-ounce sizes. That’s 60 cents per ounce, which stands abandoned as the second-highest mark in the NFL. Abandoned one added fan abject has added of a appropriate to complain…

Congratulations, Philly fans. What you abridgement in Super Bowl victories, you accomplish up for by laying affirmation to the best big-ticket beer in all the National Football League. Like Arizona, beers abandoned appear in 12-ounce sizes. But Philly admirers pay $8.50 per, a abounding $1.25 added than what Cardinals admirers are affected to carapace out.

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Order & Send Flowers in Dallas TX | (10) 10-10 by Same ..

Order & Send Flowers in Dallas TX | (10) 10-10 by Same .. | cheap same day flower delivery dallas

Same Day Flower Delivery Dallas TX - CLOSED - 10 All You ..

Same Day Flower Delivery Dallas TX – CLOSED – 10 All You .. | cheap same day flower delivery dallas


ONE-CALL SAME DAY FLOWER DELIVERY DALLAS has been proudly .. | cheap same day flower delivery dallas

Cheap Flower Delivery Dallas TX : (10) 10-10 by Same Day ..

Cheap Flower Delivery Dallas TX : (10) 10-10 by Same Day .. | cheap same day flower delivery dallas

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